Puzzle Maker Pro – Word Star

Create innovative Word Star and Knight’s Move word puzzles.

  • Create puzzles from 5 letter words up to 35 letter phrases
  • Innovative and attractive for activity books and social media
  • Customization options for font, colors and lines, resulting in totally different looking puzzles
  • Output to JPG, PNG, PDF, PPT – Commercial print quality at 300 DPI
  • Full commercial rights for your creations, to sell books, printables or PLR content

In need of unique and innovative puzzles?

If you’re publishing puzzle books, selling printables, or need unique content for your website or social media, Puzzle Maker Pro – Word Star is exactly what you need.

Easily create a word star puzzle book, or add word star puzzles to mixed puzzle books, with this seemingly simple word puzzle. Or create a single puzzle matching a specific theme for your website or social media.

Use words up to 35 letters, different drawing styles and customization options to create puzzles exactly how you want them.


Take a look at these images for an impression of the software and the results. Actual results will depend on your own customization settings.

How Does It Work

Word Star puzzles each consist of a single word, placed in a circle. The puzzler must find the starting letter and the number of steps to skip, to find the word. For 5-letter words this may seem easy, but for words or phrases of 10 or more letters, this is increasingly difficult.

Word Star was derived from the Dutch puzzle “Paardensprong”, or the Knight’s Move in chess. Drawn as a 3×3 grid, using 8 letters, you can find the solution by applying the classic chess knight’s move. This puzzle style is available in Word Star, and it works well for 8-letter words.

For all other words and phrases, we have expanded this puzzle to words or phrases of 5 up to 35 letters and varying ‘skip’ options, depending on the length of the word.

You can create one single puzzle, or use a word list to create 5, 10 or 100’s of puzzles at once. You can even add a clue to each puzzle, which can be printed on the puzzle page along with the puzzle. For example: Italy – Country in Europe. Or more complex: “I am easily satisfied with the very best – Saying by a famous politician and writer”. You can either type or copy these words and clues into the Word List area or save them in a text file and select that file to use.

As you would expect from BookPublisherTools, there are many options to customize your puzzle, such as fonts, colors, the way the solution is drawn, and much more.

Like any Puzzle Maker Pro module, Word Star will create the puzzles and solutions as image files (JPG or PNG) at 300 DPI on your computer. Puzzles will be generated really fast, however, settings like the hidden word will result in longer generation times.

More Features…

Puzzle Maker Pro is our framework for almost all the puzzle modules. It offers additional functionality in a standardized way. Once you use one of the puzzle modules, each next module feels like ‘coming home’. Some basic, but many advanced features to help you to be productive.

  • Presets – You can save the settings as a preset and use these presets for different projects or book series, making it even easier to create puzzles with your unique styling. In addition to that, after creating or previewing your puzzles, the settings will be saved for the next session.
  • Save and Export Options – Once you’re satisfied with the preview and are ready to create puzzles, there are several output options to suit your needs: Puzzles and solutions will be created as separate files on your computer in either PNG or JPG format. This allows you to use these puzzles anywhere and any way you want. The images are saved with 300 DPI for professional high-quality printing.

    There are also additional output options to automatically create a puzzle book. In addition to PNG and JPG you can export to PDF or Powerpoint format. You don’t need Powerpoint to create the files, but you’ll need Powerpoint 2007 or newer to open the files.
  • Time Saver – For most puzzle types there is Time Saver extension, that will let you create puzzles and puzzle books even faster and comes with additional layout options. This is great for book publishers and PLR sellers.

Don’t just make a good puzzle, make a pro puzzle with Puzzle Maker Pro.

Product Summary

  • Create puzzles from your own words, up to 35 letters
  • Two customizable puzzles styles, allowing for a very different look and feel
  • Optional Clue/Description for each word
  • Use your own words or word list
  • Includes puzzle solutions
  • Advanced styling options for your puzzles
  • Detailed control over lines, line width and line color
  • Detailed control over fonts, font color, letter size and letter positioning
  • Super-easy to use, ideal for novices and experienced puzzle makers alike
  • Intuitive dashboard controls and interactive preview to see your changes right away
  • Save and use your own presets for puzzle or page settings
  • Export your individual puzzles and solutions at 300 DPI JPG or PNG for professional printing
  • Export as a puzzle book in JPG, PPTX (PowerPoint) or PDF format (advanced layouts require Time Saver extension).
  • Options to set margin sizes for easy puzzle book publishing
  • Optimized for MS Windows 7 or higher, also compatible with Virtual Windows on Mac (contact customer support for more information)
  • Full commercial rights to your creations
  • Helpful and quick customer support
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • One-time payment with no on-going monthly fees

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Unfortunately we no longer give refunds for Puzzle Maker Pro modules. If you’re not sure if it will work for you, you can try the free demo version. The free demo version has full functionality (except Time Saver), but it will create watermarked puzzles. You can get access on this page: Puzzle Maker Pro – Demo

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